Spa Cleaner

Spa Cleaner

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The Spa Cleaner Sooth your mind and body with an exhilarating massage at the touch of a button!
  • Includes 3 removable applicators
  • Works in the shower or bath


Product Description

Use the Spa Cleaner as seen on TV for spa style bathing and massaging.

Extreme power from a built in motor drives sudsing, scrubbing and exfoliation. Just add your own lotions to cleanse, and relax. Sooth your mind and body with an exhilarating massage. At the touch of a button the Spa Cleaner comes to life.

A unique ergonomic shape vibrates 10,000 times per second, to perform the multiple functions.

Soothing applications typical of costly far-away spas and resorts can now be had in the privacy of your own home. Complete with 3 removable bathing applicators : exfoliator, terry sponge, and loofah.

Water resistant for use in shower or bath.

Approximately 9 inches long.